No right minded person can feel anything other than revulsion over the murder of Sarah Everard after walking alone and at night over Clapham Common. Sadly, she is one of many.  Quite what she was doing walking alone and at night over Clapham Common is unknown, but to suggest that she was exposing herself to needless attack may be an understatement.

The sad reality is that women alone are frequently the object of unwelcome attention by men looking for sexual gratification.  In broad terms, whether it is Clapham or anywhere else, safety cannot be guaranteed, so taking a taxi home, or staying in at night, may be the safest way forward.

It may be an understandable reaction to Sarah’s death that people want to show their support by leaving flowers, and they may take comfort in sharing the moment, briefly,  with kindred spirits.  But to congregate in public areas, with  offensive placards and provocative shouting by complete morons, is inevitably going to lead to a confrontation.

The rules, like them or not, are clear and still in force.  Gathering in large numbers is forbidden.  It is against the law, and the police have a duty to enforce it.  Those who criticise the police either fail to understand or completely ignore the pandemic, and once they become infected with the virus, they infect others.

It is this sort of mindless behaviour that will prolong the pandemic, and if they continue to flout the rules, we are all off to Hell in a handcart.