It beggars belief!  In the recent past, as my regular readers will remember, Plod and the CPS have distinguished themselves beyond the call of duty by charging men with rape where the evidence did not support such a charge.  It went farther.  The evidence showed beyond a reasonable doubt that the complainant was lying, no doubt for her own good reasons.

You would have thought, in the light of these revelations, that Plod would proceed with the upmost caution before charging the grave offence of rape, but they are having none of it, and as the most recent revelation shows, these important lessons have still not been learned.

I refer to the latest case to collapse at the door of the court. This was a case where two males had been charged with rape, despite the complainant making it abundantly clear that only one forced himself upon her.  In her statement to Plod, she said: “I do not believe Male Two should be charged.  I do not believe he did anything wrong on the night.”  What could be clearer than that!?!  Apparently not clear enough for Plod, as they charged Male Two with rape as well.

What makes this case worse than the others is the fact that the complainant’s statement was never disclosed to the defence as it should have been, and it was only by chance that it came to light. The complainant was so disgusted with the way Plod had behaved that she withdrew her complaint against Male One.

Wheel on the platitudinous Alison Saunders, the outgoing Director of Public Prosecutions who, for most of us, can’t go out quickly enough.  She said that the case was dropped because the Clown Prosecution Service had a continuing duty of review.    She went on: “I am really sorry if she feels let down, because that’s absolutely not what we want. We want to make sure we make the right decisions for the complainant, suspects ad for the public as a whole.”  Utter claptrap!

It can’t get any worse.  Please Alison, put us all out of our misery.  Take gardening leave, and at the very least, let somebody else take over the day to day running of the Service until a full time replacement can be found.