I have been contacted by a company specialising in the promotion of Kindle books.  Normally I would delete and move on, but I decided to check it out, if for no other reason than the fact that my books have a kindle version.  You will find them listed on this blog.

When my books were first published, either by me or by my publisher, it was  taken as read (if you’ll forgive the pun) that there would be a kindle version as well as hardback or paperback.  As I write, hardbacks are now confined to learned tomes, and the days are now long gone when a publisher would publish a modest first print in hardback, and then try and recover his losses with the paperback version.  Is it any wonder so many are going to the wall?

In the recent past, the world of publishing has been taken over by Jeff ‘Midas’ Bezos, the owner of Amazon, who by all accounts is the publisher of first choice of nearly 70% of all books, and as we feed more and more on the Internet for our literary pleasures, Jeff looms large.  It was he and his team who came up with the kindle idea, and it works.  It’s a strange and rather depressing fact that barely 5% of the British population above the age of consent ever buy and read a book, such is the dominance of the mass media, so Jeff’s idea to make reading a jolly jape caught on very quickly.  It is particularly popular on holiday, where you can download dozens of books onto your kindle device to compensate for foreign garbage on television, and even if it’s not garbage, the average Brit can’t understand a word of it.  Bloody foreigners, why can’t they all speak English?  Actually, for the most part they can, but no matter.

Anyway, I have decided that if you can’t beat them, join them, so I have agreed, as a trial period, to offer two of my books FREE on kindle. It hurts me to do so, as I am a poor struggling author shivering in my garret with only my ego to keep me warm, so offering my books for FREE is a novel step, if you’ll forgive the pun.  The two I have chosen for my increasingly sophisticated followers is: The Art of Public Speaking for all those of you who have been called upon to speak in public at one time or another in your lives. At one end of the spectrum will be: “Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding and raise your glasses to the adorable couple.” At the other end are those who see public speaking as a lucrative business, and the speakers most in demand command considerable fees for their services.  The book is available on kindle from this Wednesday the 18th March for five days.  I must be mad! Here is the link:

The second book to enjoy, or endure, the same treatment is my latest humorous book on the law Order in Court featuring Toby Potts, a young and aspiring barrister, fresh from Bar School, and clutching his graduation diploma, full of hopes and dreams and intent on becoming the leading criminal advocate of his time. He can hardly wait to get on his feet and impress the jury with his incisive cross-examination, his mastery of all things legal, and his spellbinding final speeches.

Sadly, reality kicks in, and Toby finds the path to fame and fortune far from smooth and uneventful. His trials and tribulations take Toby from his Call to the Bar, his experiences in pupillage, his first brief when he represents the wrong client, through to his great tour de force at the Old Bailey when he goes head to head with the Honourable Mr. Justice Boniface, known to one and all in the profession as Old Sourpuss, and many adventures in between.  Chambers politics, strange clients, solicitors who come and go on a whim, and even stranger and eccentric judges, all have their part to play in Toby’s climb up the greasy pole. Moments of courtroom drama, and many more moments of high fiasco, mark Toby’s initiation into the heady world of the Criminal Bar. So much to learn, so little time.  Will Toby succeed where so many have failed? He has the determination, he has the self-belief, but does he have what it takes to reach the pinnacle of the profession? Only time will tell.  One thing is certain – never a dull moment! Why be ordinary, Toby was once told, if you have it in you to be extraordinary?

This book is also FREE on kindle, starting tomorrow, again for five days.  Here is the link:  Download, read and enjoy, and leave a comment.


In my line of work, there are times when I need to close down, get my nose out of some dusty legal tome, and smell the roses.  My idea of rest and relaxation is a good read, and if this is combined with a good laugh, so much the better!

I am too young to remember Henry Cecil’s heyday with his humorous books on the law, but I greatly enjoyed John Mortimer’s Rumpole series, immortalised on television by Leo McKern.  Sadly, Mortimer and McKern are no longer with us, and are no doubt pleading at the Celestial Bar, but until recently, nobody took up the torch of legal humour to give us relief from the daily grind.

Browsing in the bookshops, or what is left of them, has been a fruitless exercise, but I recently went on Amazon, and to my surprise and delight, I found just what I was looking for.  It’s a new book by Toby Potts entitled May It Please Your Lordship, and for me at least, it ticks all the boxes.

The book is set in the 70’s, and recounts the trials and tribulations of Toby from his call to the Bar, his experiences in pupillage, his first brief when he represents the wrong client, through to his great tour de force when he represents Santa Claus at the Old Bailey.

Each chapter recounts an episode in Toby’s eventful life at the Criminal Bar as he climbs the greasy pole to fame and fortune, or so he hopes.

I say it ticks all the boxes – it is very well written, and very funny.

There are other books on Amazon with the same title, but they’re as dry as a drainpipe in a drought.  But May It Please Your Lordship by Toby Potts is easy enough to find, and well worth the search.  Go to, log onto ‘books’, enter the title, and get ready for a really good read.

For Kindle addicts, I gather that the book will be Kindle user friendly in the very near future.  Check it out.