It’s official, and I bring you news hot off the press and all the way from the Peoples Rupublic of China. An afternoon nap is good for you.  This follows research from the snappily named China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS), and you heard it here first.

I was not consulted, although I have been enjoying an afternoon nap for many years, and I didn’t need the stamp of CHARLS’ imprimatur to persuade me of its obvious benefits.

I wonder what else the Chinese will come up with in their quest for world domination.  We in the West are beginning to feel nervous about Chinese students swamping our universities, over 120,000 at the last count, and all paid for by the Peoples Republic. I wonder why, when Chinese universities are the best.  Surprisingly, Chinest students do not allow themselves the luxury of an afternoon nap.  Spooky or what?

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