Following hot on the heels of the  news that Megan is expecting a baby to keep Archibald company, together with soft lens photos of the happy couple, we are promised as a sequel a night out with the American chatshow hostess Oprah Winifred when the Markles will reveal all (Yawn).

I don’t know what we have done to deserve this, but we’ve been here before, and there were tears before bedtime.  Diana, Harry Markles’ Mum, made a fool of herself in a similar interview, which helped nobody, and Charles, Harry’s Dad who doesn’t squeeze his own toothpaste onto his brush, also made a fool of himself when admitting what we all knew, that Camilla whatsername was his mistress offering sexual favours as well as companionship in much the same way as his great uncle Edward, who had to abdicate.

Finally, to complete this rogue’s gallery, comes Randy Andy.  Enough and more was said at our Nellie’s wedding, and does not merit repetition.

So what do the Markles hope to achieve by dishing the dirt?  I suspect Harry, as ever, is led in this venture by Megan, who is out for the main chance, and hopes to advance her lacklustre career as a television actor.  Good luck to them both, but why should we, the great British public, be remotely interested in their shenanigans?

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