On any view, these are difficult times for the government, trying to please all of the people all of the time, and the longer this pandemic remains as a brooding and deadly menace in all of our lives, the longer the media will find reasons to be wholly negative.

I enjoy Jeremy Clarkson’s articles in the Sunday Times, despite the fact that I am not a petrol head. I enjoy them because I like his ascerbic wit and his dry sense of humour.  He also has the uncannny knack of putting his finger on minor irritants which irritate me, and I suspect I am not alone.  I give you a ‘for instance’ which he highlighted last week and which chimed with me.  He was bemoaning the wholly negative coverage of the pandemic by the BBC, which is always looking to blame somebody, anybody, to attract listeners and viewers, and this is the channel formerly known for its impartial and measured reporting.  No longer, and more’s the pity.

In the interests of even handedness, I concede that negative news coverage is not the sole domain of the BBC.  I find that Sky News suffers from the same malaise. I suppose these newshounds believe that no news is bad news, so their luckless reporters are sent to every corner of the Empire, and beyond, to find Mr. or Mrs. Grumpy, or preferably both, who express opinions borne of deep seated  ignorance in answer to a succession of leading questions which hardly merit air time.

In one of his recent articles, Jeremy also relates his recent near death encounter with Covid.  He recovered, but the experience left him shattered and seriously affected.  Not for him any light hearted banter about the dreadful disease, least of all the idiots, too many to count, who believe that Covid is for others.  The leader of this pack is Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers, barking mad, who believes it’s all a figment of the imagination.  He also believes the world is flat. The brothers deserve each other.

Finally, and speaking of brain dead morons, spare a thought for professional footballers in general, and Aston Villa players in particular, who are awash with the virus, to the extent where they cannot field their senior side.  Alongside that report is a photograph of two senior players hugging and kissing and cuddling each other, when all but Piers Corbyn would tell them, slowly and in words of one syllable, that this is how you catch coronovirus.

It simply beggars belief!


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