I promised myself that I would not write about Poppi Worthington.  It is so upsetting, it is difficult to remain objective and concentrate on the facts without being swamped by a sea of utter revulsion.

It is a strange and perverse world surrounding the Clown Prosecution Service and those minions who claim decision making status until it goes tits up, at which time they know nothing and are probably on annual leave.  I refer to the endless decisions where the CPS will charge anybody with rape or a serious sexual offence at the drop of  a pair of knickers and on the uncorroborated say-so of a mendacious complainant, but when it comes to the serious sexual offence perpetrated on the helpless Poppi by her father, they do nothing.  Absolutely nothing!

On the 12th December 2012, when Poppi was 13 months old, she died following anal penetration by her father Paul Worthington whilst in his bed and whilst her mother was snoring for England downstairs.  These curious sleeping arrangements were never satisfactorily explained.

Poppi had had the ‘benefit’ of two inquests, the first bordering on farce, and the second, recently concluded, more thorough and far reaching.  The coroner concluded that Poppi had been sexually assaulted, but was unable to conclude that this assault was the cause of her death.  The father, anxious to assist as an innocent party in search of the truth, refused to answer a total of 252 questions put to him, as was his right, but monumentally unhelpful.

The inquest was told that an investigation by Cumbria Police was so botched vital evidence was lost and Jerry Graham, Chief Constable of the force, apologised for “deficiencies” in its handling of the case.

He said: “It is clear the initial investigation into Poppi’s death launched in 2012 has done little to assist the coroner in coming to a conclusion on how Poppi died. I greatly regret this.” Well there’s a load off!

Lead detective on the inquiry Detective Inspector Amanda Sadler was subjected to a disciplinary hearing last year where gross incompetency was proven and she was demoted in rank.

She has since retired along with her boss, former Detective Chief Inspector Mike Forrester. No further action was taken against either, and good news, their pensions remain intact.

In 2015, the Independent Police Complaints Commission concluded both Mrs Sadler and Mr Forrester had cases to answer for gross misconduct.

And the final word goes to the Clown Prosecution Service: their spokesman said there were “no plans” to review charging decisions in relation to the case but “we would of course consider any referral from the coroner”.

We can all rest easy in our beds, which is more than we can say for Poppi.