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Public Access Barrister

David Osborne

    DAVID OSBORNE [BA Joint Hons] CSS, FLBA is a public access barrister.

    Clients seeking his considerable experience and expertise can now instruct him direct without having to go to a solicitor first. This has two obvious advantages:

    The client can get the best specialist advice he needs

    The client saves money as he is no longer liable for two sets of fees.


DAVID OSBORNE offers specialist advice and representation in the following areas of law:

    Home Park Law and the Mobile Homes Act 1983

    Contract Law

    , including Trust Deeds for unmarried partners in property sharing agreements


    , including professional and medical negligence

    Landlord and Tenant

    , including eviction, squatter rights and repossessions

    Motoring offences

    , including dangerous and careless driving, speeding, penalty points, totting provisions and disqualification

DAVID OSBORNE was called to the English Bar in 1974 and to the Irish Bar in 1986.  He is Head of his own London Chambers, with an annexe in the West Country.

DAVID OSBORNE is regarded by judges and colleagues alike as an outstanding advocate, and in his long and successful career, he has appeared in the highest courts in the land, including the Old Bailey, the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords.

So if you have a legal problem where you need specialist advice and advocacy, feel free to contact him direct.

Please note – David does not accept legally aided clients

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